About Darkhallow Paranatural


Who Are We?

Michael Darkhallow is a lover of strange tales, topics, and intrigue.  After cutting his teeth in radio, Michael now knows where the future truly is... online podcasting.

Jay Rosell was once a master Exorcist, but has since retired (very) early.  He now prefers to teach others rather than irectly tackle the forces of evil.

Alex Thurgood is DHP's semi-resident field reporter, and spends his days trekking all over the world to investigate sightings and unexplained phenomenon from A to Z.


History of DHP

Darkhallow Paranatural began as a little-known but much loved radio program tackling strange topics late into the night.  Following in the footsteps of other radio talk shows, DHP garnered quite a fan base until the small radio station that hosted it shut down.

A few months later, the Darkhallow Paranatural Paranormal Podcast was born.

Darkhallow Paranatural began with edited releases of material from the latter days of the Darkhallow radio program, and then began, in early 2011, to release the Darkhallow Daily.  This was a brief recap of the day's paranormal news directly from Michael Darkhallow himself, seven days a week.

Eventually, the Darkhallow Dailies became a weekday-only affair as Michael began to build up for the podcast you know today, culminating in the start of the Darkhallow Weekly podcasts each Friday to have deeper discussion around the week's news items.

As more listeners (by far) preferred the Darkhallow Weekly to the Darkhallow Dailies, it eventually became clear that a more fully fleshed out once-per-week podcasting schedule better fit our listener's desires as well as our daily lives.  (It's a lot more difficult to schedule programming with three hosts!)

The Future

Today, Michael and the Darkhallow Crew are working hard to improve our web presence and delivery of the content our fans crave.

Stay tuned to darkhallow.tv and darkhallowparanatural.com for the latest developments!