Making mainstream news currently is the tale of an Ohio city beset upon by more crows than it has inhabitants!  What is going on in Springfield?  We'd also like to know, and have Alex Thurgood on the ground right now investigating.  One thing is for certain - at least one reporter from a popular television network has already lost their life over the past two days looking into this mystery... Be careful out there Alex!

China Prepares Subterranean Option

China is planning to build the longest undersea tunnel (beneath the sea floor) in history, and you may be surprised at why.  They are building it along faults in the Earth's crust for a reason, and massive amounts of explosives are being transported to warehouses near the soon-to-be-entrance.  Combine that with China's well-known belief in the Hollow Earth, and you'll begin to get the picture...

Spooky Things From The Mouths Of Babes

It's a well documented fact that children sometimes say funny things... and that sometimes they say things that can make your blood run cold.  In this week's Darkhallow Paranatural, Damon Crowley relates one such tale of a young child saying something disturbing to his parents... to wet your appetite, here is video of some intensely creepy things said by children over the years.

Researchers Uncover Squid-People Statues, Mistake Them For Aliens

The great Howard Philips Lovecraft, an author who used his knowledge of some of the strange things that exist in our world just out of public view to create eerie horror tales, described squid-gods that once roamed the world and now lay drowsily in the deeps awaiting the time to reclaim the planet as theirs.  Researchers in Mexico have uncovered artifacts depicting the cephalopod-people in statues, drawings, and reliefs - but are mistakenly believing them to be images of aliens.  You know the coverup runs deep indeed when one secret (the existence of the Old Ones) is hidden by blaming it on another secret (the existence of extra-terrestrials).  The following footage shows some of these discoveries for your review:

The Strange Truth Behind The USA's Position As Largest Oil Producer

In recent times, the United States has eclipsed the largest oil producing countries on the planet by mysteriously having larger quantities of new oil coming out of it's manufactures than anyone else.  But how?  Science has the answers, and it's not fracking or deep-drilling!  It's from a direction you won't expect; tune in to this week's Darkhallow Paranatural for details.

The Haunted Planet?

The recent excursion via unmanned probe (Rosetta) to an actual comet traveling through nearby space has resulted in the capture of some quite eerie audio recordings... recordings of sounds emanating from within the comet itself.  Stranger still, the same pulsating audio has been showing up in EVP recordings from haunted sites all over the world recently - begging the question: who or what is sending the message, and what are they trying to tell the planet?

Another Inter-dimensional Gateway (this time on vid!)

The skies over Russia were well-lit unexpectedly in the middle of the night on November 17th when what government officials are calling "The Door Event."  What we know for certain is that the strange radio emissions of the phenomenon have scientists convinced that it is an inter-dimensional gateway or rift of sorts that, at a minimum, permits travel from outside of our typical universe into this one.  Creepy, we know.  Check out the video here.

"Sandfoot", the Afghanistan Bigfoot

It appears from time to time out of sandstorms in Afghanistan, a large, hulking humanoid form covered in long greasy hair and smelling like rotten meat.  Before witnesses can react, it vanishes again, taking food and in some cases even small children with it.  This is the Afghanistan version of Bigfoot, or "Sandfoot" as it is becoming known by US troops in the area who have seen it.  Here is a recent tale of one such sighting.

Is There A Reason To Fear Breakfast?

A trusted source inside the FBI has made contact with the Darkhallow Paranatural team with a chilling warning: Beware Breakfast.  A recent spree of ritualistic killings has been the subject of an intense investigation for the past several weeks, and every day another family is struck down somewhere in the USA over breakfast.  Our contact hesitantly described home security footage of the most recent slaying as having shown what appeared to be an "Oat-Creature."  Tune in to this week's Darkhallow Paranatural for more.

New Alien Evidence To Blow Roof Off Area 51

Area 51 isn't as well kept a secret today as it was twenty years ago.  Or is that simply what the United States government wants us to believe?  In reality, the continued soft silence on the secret projects site is much more than a relaxed attitude in the face of overwhelming public awareness... it is also an extremely effective front to lessen public interest.  New evidence has recently been examined, however, that shows conclusively much more is going on - and has gone on - than the government is willing to acknowledge.  The truth behind the alien autopsies carried out in Area 51 is nearing public release!

Pope Holds Secretive Exorcist Meeting

While not completely a secret, Pope Francis held private talks with a group of elite exorcists behind closed doors during a late October exorcism conference.  The fact that this took place amid a massive convention of sanctioned exorcists seems to have mostly hidden the more critical meeting from the public.  Meanwhile, this adds fuel to the rumors that Isis is attempting to bring demonic forces to bear against the Vatican.