DHP Classic Episode - 4/15/2011



Newer listeners to Darkhallow Paranatural on the web may not realize that we have been doing this since 2010! (No, really!)

We are celebrating our 5 year online anniversary by digging up the old Darkhallow Daily and Darkhallow Weekly programs that were published early on after our transition from small town radio to podcast format.  

As, due to health issues, we have no *new* DHP to publish this week (sorry folks!), we are kicking things off with one of our early Weekly programs from April 15 2011.  Note the change in format! We've come a long way!

Also, speaking of health - some may not be aware that Michael had undergone serious throat surgery in 2010 (his required hiatus from the program being one of the reasons we left radio).  He was still recovering during the early days of DHP online and so his voice (which is still not 100% back to its original tone today) may sound strained at times.  It is not a cold or allergies; it is simply healing in progress.

Now, we hope you enjoy this classic episode of Darkhallow Paranatural that hasn't been heard by *anyone* for several years! 

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