Dear DHP Fans,

As some of you have no doubt noticed, the DHP episode for Friday May 29 was taken down very shortly after being put up.  The reasons for this are complex, but the end result is that DHP is being shut down for a (hopefully brief) period while agents from a certain alphabet-soup (if you know who I mean) comb through our audio archives for references to certain topics which I have been advised not to mention here.

Some of you may smell a government conspiracy here.  I could try to dissuade you from thinking in that direction.

Once we have the all clear from the boys and girls standing behind me while I type this, Darkhallow Paranatural will return.  They assure me that this is all just a formality and that things will be back to normal in no time.  I, for one, am not holding my breath.

Here's hoping this hiatus will last a couple of weeks and we'll be back on the air with you.

If things work out otherwise: it's been a real blast the last five years.  Thanks to all of our listeners out there.


Michael Darkhallow


DHP Episode - 12/5/2014 - From The Mouths Of Babes



With a packed Darkhallow Studio, the team discusses how the USA has used an unusual science (often reserved for sheep!) to become top oil producer, the glut of UFO sightings over Arizona and Nevada, if Big Business is using road signs to train your brain, and more!

Plus, the second installment of the Spell Cop exclusive reading!


This "bigfoot" video claims to depict a pair of bigfoot walking through the forest and being captured on cell phone camera.  Is this truly what is shown, or do you - like many - believe this is not a true bigfoot?  Let us know what you think via our Contact Us page or in the comments on this post and tell us: hoax, natural explanation, or real!

DHP Episode - 10/18/2013 - Bovine Yoga



The Truth About DHP 10/11/2013
Michael tells what actually stopped the show from being recorded last week - a tale of a very special guest, Big Brother, Men in Black, and Government Shutdown.  Listen in to hear why Michael was too afraid to record the program, and why the stated reason for the missed episode was "illness".

Bovine Yoga
When you put a Dairy Bar and a Yoga Studio in the same place, unusual events can occur.  That's what the operators of such an establishment discovered in North Carolina after weeks of fetching fresh milk from the cows out back...

Juno Spots More Than Jupiter's Spot
Just after slingshotting around the Earth and heading off in the direction of where Jupiter will be in 2016, NASA's Juno probe caught something astonishing on it's video transmission feed from the telescopes it keeps trained on the giant planet.  For a few breathtaking moments, something was visible that very few got to see before NASA took down the web feed due to "government shutdown".  Coincidence?  We think not!

PLUS: Occult Corner with Jay Rosell, Listener Email, And More!


DHP Episode - 8/30/2013 - Geneto-Mnemonic Bird-Brains



Megameasles Outbreak
Everything, it seems, truly is bigger in Texas - including the measles, an affliction that was thought to be eradicated with the advent of it's vaccination decades ago.  However, in the wake of a certain mega-church preaching the evils of vaccination, more than twenty people have become critically infected with this relic of a disease from the mid-1900's… and the church is blaming science!  

One Million Engineered Super-Bugs
A bug-farm in China was damaged by unknown persons, releasing some 1 million (possibly more) genetically-modified and extremely well-fed cockroaches into the wilds of nearby farmlands.  While Chinese officials scramble to put together a military team capable of combatting the special capabilities of these creepy-crawlies, the DHP crew is quietly bringing you the inside scoop.

Geneto-Mnemonic Bird-Brains?
Several independent studies at universities around the world have put together a picture of how birds retain memory not only over time, but in between generations that is, frankly, amazing - and nearly unbelievable.  Do birds encode some memories within their genetics so that they can be passed on to their offspring?  Listen in as we discuss the evidence, and decide for yourself.

At Last: Government Mind Control Methods Proven
Experiments at the University of Washington at Seattle have proven what we've all known for decades now: that mind control over another individual is not only possible, but is practical!

And More!