DHP Episode - 5/15/2015 - Hell Proof



On this week's DHP you'll learn of scientific advances in animal manipulation to create the strongest fibers known to man.... how the Vatican intends to use this new technology to advance their war-on-hell-effort, and the team discusses the rumored "Hell's Back-Door" in the USA.  If you stagger around outdoors by the light of the moon on a half-drunk, you need to hear this so you don't accidentally wander into hell itself!

Plus, hear what Alex and Damon have teamed up to work on...

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DHP Episode - 4/24/2015 - Ghost Pro and Melted Windows



Alex Thurgood is back from the "Fairy Forest" with a tale that raises many an eyebrow.  Meanwhile, the team discusses the "Ghost Pro" camera, melted windows in Texas, and musical creatures.  Jay Rosell lays it on the table with an explanation of "Susej" a potential anti-Christ figure. 

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DHP Episode - 12/14/2012 - Tidings of the Apocalypse



Update On Colorado Crevice
Alex Thurgood updates us on the current status of the crack into hell that opened in Colorado (previously discussed on 12/7/2012 DHP).

Round Table Discussion: Doomsday
The team discusses in greater depth the happenings in the world over the past week as we edge ever closer to the cliff overlooking whatever lies in wait for us all on December 21st 2012.  The topics include: Zombies in NY sewer system, HAARP/Tesla's Death Ray, Chinese attempts to evade the inevitable end, current status of Bugarach and how the French government intends to lock out travel to and from the area around the time of the apocalypse, and more.

Listener Email

Not a full believer but concerned anyway writes in to ask if there is a link between the Orang Minyak of India and the Murphysboro Mud Monster.

DHP Episode - 12/07/2012 - Countdown to Doompocalypse

Special Guest: Laura Ketchum


A Moment Of Silence
On November 25, Mrs. Sara Harris, a North Carolina paranormal investigator, succumbed to the infections she'd contracted while investigating amid large amounts of bat and rodent dung.  To her surviving family and friends, our deepest sympathies.

Psychic Cell Service
Possibly residue of a rather spectacular escape from police custodyby a known psychic, many persons in and around the 717 area code have noticed that their usual cell provider's name "Verizon", "T-Mobile", "AT&T", etc, has been replaced by the word "Dan" on their cell phone's display.

Colorado Creviced To Hell
After a 3.9 magnitude quake rocked Colorado this week, residents near the epicenter made a discovery that could leave them with nightmares for every one of the fourteen remaining days before the end of the world...

Pyramid At The Bottom Of The Sea
In the wake of the discovery of yet another set of undersea ruins that may be an ancient advanced civilization, the team discusses the possibility that there may be something more than coincidence to the number of global disasters sending the world back into the dark ages just when we begin to get a real foothold on technology.

Mad Deer vs. Angry Squirrel Disease
Michael consults with Laura Ketchum, researcher for the Proclamadyne Institute for Advanced Study and Speculation (PASS) regarding the difference between the current epidemic of Mad Deer disease... and the even larger - if lesser known - Angry Squirrel Syndrome.