DHP Episode - 5/22/2015 - The Team Up



Alex Thurgood and Damon Crowley recently teamed up to investigate a haunted patch of land upon which hikers were supposedly assailed by the ghostly visage of a sasquatch.  Were the incidents real, or imagined?  They took a journey to find out... and tonight we share that journey with you.

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DHP Episode - 7/19/2013 - The Haunted Hospital



The Case of Maggot Head
A 27 year old woman was diagnosed as having maggots eating away at the inside of her head after exhibiting stroke-like symptoms after a trip to Peru.  (She's fine now... but yikes!)

More Dead Vampires
Another mass gravesite for possible vampires was uncovered in Poland with ritualistic burying practices typical of suspected vampires.  Thus far, the timeframe for these burials hasn't been determined... could it have been within the past six months?  Possibly!  Listeners in Poland, look out!

New Moon
Neptune now has a new moon, measuring just 19km across according to NASA.  Michael speculates that this could be an artificial moon, but admits that in the end... we just can't know for sure. 

And More! 

Automatic Writing Challenge

Michael issues a challenge to our listeners to try their hand, so to speak, at automatic writing... and send him the results with either a description or a snapshot of the result emailed to michael@darkhallow.tv.  We can't wait to see what creepy things come out of your  fingers... (we've already seen Michael's strange sketches from the hospital basement, and they are waaaaaay disturbing!)

Special Topic

The Haunted Hospital 
Hear, directly from Michael, Jay, and Alex, what happened to each of them during their investigation of a certain haunted hospital they visited recently.