DHP Episode - 5/22/2015 - The Team Up



Alex Thurgood and Damon Crowley recently teamed up to investigate a haunted patch of land upon which hikers were supposedly assailed by the ghostly visage of a sasquatch.  Were the incidents real, or imagined?  They took a journey to find out... and tonight we share that journey with you.

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DHP Episode - 4/11/2014 - Terror At 350 Degrees



Terror At 350 Degrees Fahrenheit
After a temperature alarm went off on board a 747 over the Irish Sea, pilots arranged an emergency landing at Heathrow to off board their passengers and treat any injuries from what they were sure was a fire on board.  When they opened the cabin, they got the shock of their lives!

Strange Lights - UFOs or UAVs?
People all over the USA are reporting seeing lights in unpopulated areas - not up in the sky, but hovering near the ground.  Are these intrusions by foreign powers onto US soil, experimental unmanned vehicles being tested by the US government, or some new variety of extra-terrestrial investigations of our fair planet?

The following video was captured by a family in Mississippi… you decide!

APPearances Can Be Deceiving
When I young woman in China downloaded a ghost hunting app, she thought it would be entertaining to bring it with her on her smart phone to the graveyard.  After her experience there, she has wound up in the hospital.  Sometimes, when you download an app, you get what you ask for, even if you aren't prepared for it!

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